china Custom Timing Belt Pulley manufacturers

Item Description

V Belt Pulley are selected by the diameter and nr. of slots.

1  Material: forged iron, generally gg20 and gg25

two  Surface therapy: normally RAL2004

3  Groove sections A, B, and C.

four  Diamater:eighty-290

V Belt is CZPT main goods in CZPT factory. We can produce 60 Containers each month. And all of CZPT belts are offered to domestic and on board. 
1. Belt specification: Z/A/B/C/D/E/3L/3V/5V/8V/SPZ/SPA/SPB/SPC/AA/BB/CC/HM/HL/HK/HJ
2  Belt duration: from 482mm to twenty.000mm
3. CZPT s: With several new big force equipment to promise belt top quality and uselift. 


Mounted pulley: The shaft is mounted pulley. It can rotate, but can’t go freely in any route.
china Custom Timing Belt Pulley manufacturers